Secrets of Hearthgrove

The adventure thus far, episode 1: The Undead Menace

The adventure began when the Order of the Hallowed Chalice sent two of its paladins, Ulrich von Lichtenstein and Gaius notbaltar, along with two hired hands, to assist the city of Hearthgrove. Hearthgrove had recently been devastated by an invasion from a powerful necromancer named Verakis, a rakshasa with fur as white as snow. Verakis led a massive horde of undead against the city, after assassinating nearly all of the city’s ruling body, a collection of powerful spellweavers known as the Arcane Council. All of the members, with the exception of the king, Khalanis, were killed by Verakis’s dark magicks, and the city’s defenses were breached as undead flooded inside the walls. Khalanis engaged in a duel with the rakhasa leader and forced him to conjure a portal to flee. The king pursued Verakis and slew him, returning to the city victorious as the undead army began to crumble without its leader.

Ulrich and his companions headed to the city on a goodwill mission to help however they could. Undead still roamed the area around the city, mindless but still dangerous, and the king’s rule was made more shaky by terrorists attempting to bring his rule down. Khalanis dispatched Ulrich and his two companions, Sid and Bones, to investigate the terrorist activity, as it was the most pressing concern. After some thorough investigation and helpful advice from a tavern maid named Naria, they dealt with a few of the troublemakers in town and set out to disrupt a ritual that was taking place outside the city walls, at a mass burial site for the undead horde. They also found some troubling information, an enigmatic prophecy delivered by the now-dead council member Morgana Nightwhisper.

At the burial site, they found Faelion, the apparent leader of the terrorist organization, conducting some kind of fell ritual. The heroes fell upon the group, hard-pressed to deal with the group of cultists and Faelion’s bodyguard, a highly skilled warrior named Liyerkis. The addition of a black-furred rakshasa, a duelist who gave even the senior paladin Gaius a hard fight, brought the melee to a standstill. Fortunately, Faelion was brought low by a lucky blow from Bones, knocked unconscious in the midst of the melee. The terrorists began to retreat at a command from the rakshasa, though Liyerkis refused to fall back until the rakshasa dragged her through a portal, leaving the heroes with the leader of the terrorists. After a short interrogation that revealed the name of the black rakshasa to be Ajrak, Faelion was publicly executed, dealing the terrorist organization’s deathblow.


We learned Ajrak’s name through the scrying orb thing.

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